Yes, my full name is Victoria. But please, call me Tori.


I am currently working for the Technologiestiftung Berlin on the topic of open data. Specifically, I help run the Open Data Informationsstelle (Open Data InfoPoint, or simply: ODIS), through which we offer support to the Berlin city administration with all matters concerning open data.

Broadly, my interests are: the digital transformation of government and how we can guide it to be more citizen-focused; the ways open data can be used to both improve government efficiency and make cities a better place to live; and how civil society can help support governments in their digitalization efforts and reduce reliance on questionable private sector solutions.

Interested in knowing more? See here for my brief CV, and here for my professional speaking appearances and writings. Or, send me an e-mail (you’ll find my address via the icons above) – I’m always happy to chat about my work, auf Deutsch or in English.


I’ve been living in Berlin since 2014, Germany since 2013. I originally came over as an English teaching assistant as part of the Fulbright Program; I spent a year living in Fulda working at a Realschule there before moving to Berlin. If you start getting deeper into my old blog posts, you’ll see a lot of posts from this time talking about my experience applying for and receiving a Fulbright, as well as what it was like working at a German high school.

One master’s degree and a husband later, I’m gainfully employed (see above) and happily settled into my Berlin life. One of my primary uses for this blog is for my musings on German culture and my experiences living here as a foreigner. Although I’ve lived here now for several years and overall feel very settled, none of that changes the fact that I remain heavily influenced by the 23 years I spent not living in Germany and my continued connection to the US. As such, I still like to periodically reflect on what it’s like for me to be a foreigner making a home in Berlin, and I hope you enjoy those pieces as well.